Digital Alliance offers retainers for its clients based on total calendar year spend, as well as need for flexibility / increased responsiveness from our team.

All of the Digital Alliance "a la carte" video and photo deliverable options are eligible to go into the retainer.

      Retainer Benefits

      • Volume Discount

        Retainers are eligible for volume discounts across all project deliverables created within the retainer period.

      • Priority Project Management

        Your company will receive priority administrative support from the Digital Alliance project management staff throughout the duration of the retainer.

      • Priority Shoot Scheduling

        Your projects will be given priority booking dates in the Digital Alliance production calendar.

      • Preferred Crew Booking

        Digital Alliance will book preferred crew members and keep crew consistency across projects.

      • Interchanging of Deliverables

        Pivot without worry of fees as your needs change.

      • Backseat Editing Sessions

        Join our Post-Supervisor on remote editing video conferences after the 1st draft of your deliverables are cut- -giving you more ability to provide direct feedback and adjust according to taste.


      Tier 1


      per year

      ( 5% off all a la carte deliverables )

      Tier 2


      per year

      ( 10% off all a la carte deliverables )

      Tier 3


      per year

      ( 15% off all a la carte deliverables )

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