Digital Alliance Believes Black Lives Matter

Having reflected on a pattern of unjust events in the communities we serve and beyond, Digital Alliance would like to issue an owners' value statement:


We stand as allies with Black communities in denouncing racism and aspiring to build a more just and inclusive world. We aspire to be lifelong learners in our creative, professional, and personal lives and realize that our response to this cause will continue to evolve as we do.


We pledge to listen intently, be deliberate in our everyday interactions, and dedicate what resources we can through our production house toward anti-Black racism and equality of opportunity.


We had the honor of working with the American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois to put a spotlight on important community causes such as Jahmal Cole’s My Block My Hood My City (donate here) and Raydell Lacey’s Not Before My Parents (donate here). Our eyes were opened in many ways; our company needs to be more involved in the communities we serve.


We will seek out causes relevant to Black communities in the work we have ahead.


Black lives matter.


Kenneth Stevenson

Andrew Bennett

Dylan Pieri


Digital Alliance has donated to the causes below. We encourage further support to effect positive change:

Donate: My Block My Hood My City
Donate: Not Before My Parents

We have received ideas from colleagues as to other organizations we might support. If you have suggestions, please send them to